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Rolling Admission Hell


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Hi everyone,

I wondered if anyone else is in my boat - currently waiting for some thread of news to come from a "rolling admissions" adcom ? :?:

I applied overseas (UK) and it seems like schools such as LSE can either have a very quick response, or a long wait.

How long do you think is normal to be awaiting a response on a rolling application?

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I applied to a program at Trinity College Dublin last year. Classes started in the end of August, I was interviewed during the first week of August (I submitted my app about 4-6 months before that) and was accepted 2 days later. If your adcoms are anything like mine were, they are extremely nice but love to take their sweet, sweet time!! I am pretty sure TCD would not mind if you gave them a call or sent them an email. I actually called and left a voicemail for the head of my program explaining that i wasn't sure if the decision had been made yet but that this program is something i'm really passionate about etc etc. Evidently, it worked in my favor. Good luck :)

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