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Which MPA program to choose?

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I am applying to two schools for fall 2014.  They both have pros and cons I have considered heavily.


1) Sacrament State University.  Pros: 20 min from my house.  Offers a great program Public Policy and Administration as one degree.  They work hand in hand with CA State Gov. here locally.  Classes are nights/weekends, and its affordable. 

Cons:  Have to take the GRE, and the "final" is a Thesis Project, only admitted in the fall. App requirement, 3.0 GPA required (minimum), 3 LoR, SoP, Resume (optional)


2) CSU Northridge.  Pros: Good program, affordable, classes are 2 per semester, good for working adults.  Accepting students with 2.5 GPA, No GRE needed if GPA is over 3.0.  No LoR's needed.  Just application, app fee, SoP, and Resume (they require 2 years work experience), It's a rolling admission... they accept for Fall and Spring entrance.

Cons: It's either Public Policy or Public Administration (not both). It's online, so you don't develop face-to-face relationships with peers or instructors.  It's located in LA area (WAY far from me).  Instead of thesis, a comprehensive exam is required.  (I haven't found out if the test is proctored, of I have to fly down to Northridge)


I REALLY like the program for Sac State, and that it offers an MPPA.  I like the proximity, and the ability to actually create a social network with my peers at the school.  My BA has been completely online, but I feel I am missing out on alot. 

However, the other program has it's good points too.


If accepted to both, which one would you choose, and why?  I am just curious to see what others would do in my place?



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Hi Monochrome!  Wow, I didn't realize you were so close to me.   Have you been to the Sac State campus?  I have a tour set up for Aug 5th.  I've lived here 4 years and never set foot on their grounds. 


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