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Business cards for SLP grad students?

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There is a thread about this in the general graduate student area, but I wanted to get some SLP-specific opinions on this question.


Like many of you, I've been working for a number of years and am going back to school now. My (former) field is very networking-oriented, so I've always had business cards, and I go through a lot of them - perhaps 250 a year. It is going to feel very odd to not have them anymore, so I'm thinking of ordering some for personal use.


What should I put them on them? "MS-SLP Student"? "Graduate Student Clinician", which I see on a lot of LinkedIn profiles?


It looks like I can order some university-branded ones from my school, but it would be less expensive to just get some personalized ones online. Alternatively, I could get some that are strictly personal with just my name and personal contact info, without mentioning grad school or school affiliation.


Do you guys have any thoughts on this?



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I'm leaning towards ordering some with just my name / contact info and not necessarily mentioning level of schooling, etc, because I'd like to begin networking for future job opportunities, and at least having a basic business card to hand out seems like it would be helpful in cases of attending conferences, meeting new professors, or whatever other opportunities may arise.  I'd love to hear others' opinions on this - whether to get "graduate student clinician" cards, etc... I don't know!  Great topic, Tuck!  :)

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