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NYU Tisch- What is UP??


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Applying to MA Cinema Studies. Haven't heard a word. The Results search shows some rejections.. and another person asking what is up?? I'm gonna be in NYC this weekend and would be nice to hear something... Does anyone have the scoop?

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Me too!

It seems like the few people that have posted are waitlisted for the program, but no accepts yet, which is weird. Also how did they find out they were waitlisted via the website?

I was able to create and student account on nyu.edu a week ago, but I'm not entirely sure they means anything and there was nothing there but some tech support emails and my general information.

Curiouser and curiouser....

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Uggggghhhh. Seems like all the Northeast schools I applied to were slow.. but NYU is the slowest! Only one I haven't heard back from, and my 1st choice (provided there is funding). Maybe they mailed out on Friday and we'll find out today!

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