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  1. Sorry for not being more clear, I have been looking for a roommate, and there are budget constraints. I can only really afford something up to $550 a month, and that would have to include most utilities. The school is Ohio University and the town is a very tiny town called Athens. Im not opposed to having a roommate, though I would prefer to be on my own, but I cant seem to find a graduate student roommate at the moment, as most people are still holding out for a studio apartment... And I dont really want to live with an undergrad. Is it a bad idea to live with someone in your very same program? Thanks for your replies by the way!
  2. Does anyone know if a school can temporarily help students with housing? The reason I ask is that I am having a really difficult time finding housing in the town I am moving to for grad school. It seems that they book up places 1 year in advance, and there is just nothing so far, and I am getting very worried. I have talked to my school about it, but they don't seem as worried, and just give me links to the local classifieds, but I still haven't been able to find anything! So, if I cant find a place by the time school starts, do I just sleep in the library, try to befriend people, so I can sleep on their floor or do I have to ask for a deferment!? :?
  3. There isn't much for shopping in Pullman, except a Shopko (there have been plans to build a Super Wal-Mart of Doom for ages) there is a consignment store there that's pretty cool though called Lilly Bee's, and some small boutique shops in the tiny downtown ares. They also have a great used book store called Brused Books. For groceries, there is a Safeway. Alot of students from Pullman go to Moscow to shop (which is where I actually live) there is a mall there, with Old Navy, Macy's, Ross, Hot Topic, etc. There is also a Rite-Aid, a Wal Mart, Win-Co (where alot of students shop for groceries because its cheapest) There is also a Safeway in Moscow, and a food co-op which has a WONDERFUL deli and bakes organic treats and breads. There is also a farmers market every Saturday. Moscow has a cute little Main St too, with small shops, great restaurants like the Red Door, Mikey's Gyros and Casa Lopez. If you still can't find what you need, Spokane is about 2 hours away, and has MANY places to shop. My fave places to eat in Pullman are Swilly's, which is bistro, Emerald Garden (which is Chinese), and Taste of Thai!
  4. As well as the normal pizza chains there is also a place Pizza Pipeline (but their pizza is kinda gross, but cheap) and Pizza Perfection, which is slightly better and Sella's which is local and is famous for their calzones, which kick ass. There is also a Pita Pit, that delivers and their food is good and cheap and Mandarin House is a chinese place that delivers. But there are alot of Chinese and Thai places in Pullman, that I can't keep track of what is opened and what isn't anymore!
  5. I don't have any advice to give in regards to dealing with being in and Ivy league setting, but I just wanted to tell you not to worry about coming from a state school, you deserve to be accepted to an ivy league school, because you worked really hard as an undergrad, and that's what admissions committees will see. I come from a really similar background as you, and I got into the one Ivy I applied to and was waitlisted at the other (in the end I chose a small state school, because they offered full funding). You should be really proud of yourself, for what you have already accomplished, and if you end up in a program with a bunch of snooty rich kids, you will be safe in the knowledge that unlike some of them, you earned the right to be there! Congratulations and good luck!
  6. I am first generation and low income as well. Has one here ever participated in the McNair Program? I was in it as an undergrad, and found it to be so valuable to me, helping me apply to grad school (and get in) and have a support network to talk to about concerns with.
  7. U of Rochester and UCLA. And I have tried to email/phone them, and never get a response. Maybe they just disappeared from the planet!
  8. Well, as of today I am going to attend Ohio University's M.A. in Film program this fall. I never heard back from UCLA or Rochester, but I am taking this extended silence as a rejection in waiting. I was accepted to NYU, but was advised not to go there, by faculty. I am waitlisted at Columbia, but probably shouldn't get my hopes up. Does anyone know anything about OU's program? From what I have read it's a huge party school, which worries me. And I have no idea what Athens Ohio is like, but it also scares me, because I get the impression it's a very, very small town in the middle of nowhere. Do I have any hope of getting into a PhD program after Ohio, or is the school not as highly regarded as I assumed? And congrats to all the film studies peeps for their acceptances! It's really exciting!
  9. I applied to that program too, and I haven't heard a thing from them! It's getting ridiculous, at this point I am just assuming I didn't get in. Did you apply to any other film preservation programs? I applied to The Selznick School, and have also not heard back from them...
  10. I have a question , re- the issue of accepting and then reneging later, to go to another school that you were waitlisted at. If you know for sure, that you would not attend a school you signed an agreement of acceptance for, if you got into another school in late April, May, June or July. Should you tell the school you agreed to attend before signing something (before April 15th) , to warn them? Or if you do you just have to swallow it and go, not matter what? What is the proper protocol in this instance?
  11. I am in a slightly similar situation: I am waitlisted at my top choice school, but was told that I could be accepted anytime between now and August, if at all. I got in to another school, but with only loans as funding options, but this is the one of the best schools for my program, and I spoke with the program coordinator about funding, and he said that I am on the list to receive it, should anyone decline. But they wont know until May, and I have to accept or decline on May 1st (and give them a $300 deposit) I got in, with full funding to a 3rd tier school, that needs to know if I accept their offer by April 15th, but they don't require a deposit. I don't know what to do, I had thought that I would just accept the funded offer, and should I get in to my first choice or offered funding to second choice, back out. But this seems wrong, and Im not sure if it is entirely legal. But I can't tell the 3rd tier school this, and I don't want to ruin someone elses chance to get in. Why can't they push the deadlines back to like June? This would make things so much easier, especially for those waiting on schools, that have yet to notify!
  12. I am in a similar situation. I have to been accepted to NYU, with no financial aid. But was told that aid may be made available in May or June. Waitlisted at Columbia, that doesn't offer financial aid in the first year And accepted, with full aid to a a school that is ranked somewhat lower than these first 2 schools. I have to notify of my acceptance to the school that offered me money on the 15th, but luckily there isnt a deposit. But I will have to accept, knowing that, should I get funding for NYU, or moved off the waitlist at Columbia, I will ultimately not end up going there. I feel really awful, but I don't know what else to do. I don't feel as bad for paying a deposit and then turning down a school, like I may have to do with NYU, should I get into Columbia, because they get the $300 consolation prize of my non-refundable deposit!
  13. Ohio University (M.A. in Film Studies) University of Rochester (M.A. English, which is a joint program with the Selznick School of Film Preservation) UCLA (Film Preservation) I feel like I am being back against a wall with regards to having to make a decision by the 15th, maybe I should take the silence to mean I was not accepted to these programs?
  14. It seems like everyone is getting into NYU! I wonder if the loss of that $24 million to Madoff has anything to do with it? Has anyone gotten any funding yet?
  15. Mine came with a letter saying that they cannot offer me any money. I don't know how it works for those who get funding, though. And congrats on the acceptance!
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