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  1. Congrats to everyone! I have decided to attend USC, despite the scholarship offered to me from NYU. I figure the cost of living will make up the for the dif. This has been an exhausting couple of months. For all of you who didn't get the results they were hoping for- don't give up!! I didin't get the answers I wanted last year, but I definitely got the news I wanted this year! I did everything I could to improve my application this year and it worked. So don't give up!!
  2. Definitely visit! There are some totally dicey areas of Palo Alto!! Congrats!!
  3. I got an email today advising I was accepted to the Media, Culture, and Communication program at Steinhardt! The wait is finally over!
  4. Thank you for your congrats! Don't stress! Last year I applied to 8 different programs and was not accepted by any of them. I spent this year making sure I was the best applicant I could possibly be, and it has paid off. It will all work out!! It always does! Anyways it is not over yet, so don't give up hope!
  5. I heard from NYU today and I was accepted to the Media, Culture and Communication program, but I have plenty of friends who applied to Tisch and are still painfully waiting... Keep your chins up!
  6. For reals! This is silly! I hate waiting! Ugh. Glad we are all in this together! But I sincerely do not want to only have a week to make a really important decision, you know? Still waiting- Media, Culture, and Communication (Steinhardt)
  7. I was accepted for the MA, and it was an email from the Grad Coordinator. As of yet there has been no group-type email. USC has been contacting me the past two days requesting more info for their final consideration. Anybody else have this happen? hmmmm.
  8. Oh so true!! I cannot believe the strain this waiting has put on my nerves! Unfortunately there is nothing we can do now. At least last fall before the applications were turned in we could pick up a GRE book and study some words! Congrats on your acceptances, especialy UCI. I am partial of course.
  9. Still waiting!! Blah! I applied to the Media, Culture & Communication program. (MA) I am so over waiting!! One of my best friends is also still waiting for the Tisch Cinema Studies MA program as well.
  10. kwagner

    Irvine, CA

    I was a Film and Media Studies undergrad at UCI- you are going to LOVE the Visual studies program! The Film professors are AMAZING!!!!! As are the curent grad students. Several of the profs do commute from the LA are, but they also are not on campus everyday. SO if you are going to be on campus everyday, then avoid LA at all costs! and yes I absolutely take advantage of LA. i am up there prob every other weekend. I was just there on Fri for a film premier.
  11. kwagner

    Irvine, CA

    I did my undergrad at UC Irvine and loved UCI. here are some tips Vista Del Campo is the best on-campus housing! Do whatever you can to get in- I believe the grad VDC even has a washer and dryer in every apartment. Do not commute from LA or SD!! You will be in your car at least 4 hours a day. As wonderful as Silver Lake, Los Feliz, and all the other hipster neighborhoods are it is not worth the commute. If you are looking for hipster in the OC, live in Costa Mesa. If you want beachside live on the Newport Penninsula. I currently live in Corona del Mar beachside, but I do not have a neighbor under 40. It is an old wealthy neighborhood. Take advantage of the Film and Video Center at UCI- the weekly screenings are amazing.
  12. I am sorry to hear about that. You are absolutely right in blaming the economy. We could not be applying at a more difficult time! Not to mention that it could just be that your app did not click with the readers this year, but that doesn't mean it will not happen next year! So UT said they would be done soon? Hopefully before South by Southwest, because I heard that last year the application reading was completely haulted for S by SW! Not that I can blame them. I have totally written of N'Western and USC. (Didn't somebody get accepted to USC at like the beginning of Feb?) There is no way those letters are not rejections!!
  13. So then end of February has come, and I was really hoping to know more by now! Blah! I am glad to see the acceptances out there! Congratulations everybody!! I heard back from Georgetown mid February and was accepted. I am so glad that was the first notice I received, because otherwise I would have been a nervous wreck the rest of the month! I got a letter from Madison last friday advising I was not accepted to the MA program. Bummer! Is anyone else having problems with the USC and N'western status pages? Ok, Good luck everybody!!
  14. wazi congratulations on the acceptance!! well played!! you can relax now!! my scholarship in television has so far examined the commodification of social movements through television and also how the spectacle of television has evolved... what are you interested in studying? I will definitley keep you posted!
  15. Anybody out there waiting for results for Film Theory programs? I am more interested in television studies than film studies- so my list of schools weighs a little heavy on the cultural studies side, but here is my list... NYU- Steinhardt- Media, Culture, and Communication USC- Cinema Critical Studies UT Austin- RTF Critical Studies Northwestern- Screen Cultures UW Madison- Media and Cultural Studies Georgetown- Culture, Communication, and Technology UNC- Journalism and Mass Comm Brown- Modern Culture and Media I am still waiting to hear back from all- if anybody has heard from these programs I would love to hear about it! Thanks!!
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