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Low GPA; Want to go to NYU to study food studies


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I want to go to NYU to study food studies in their masters program, my undergrad GPA is poor


Overall: 2.6

Classes Related to Field: 3.2


Is there any way I will get in, I have been out of college for 2 years and in that time have attended a culinary certificate program, travelled Europe learning about food culture, worked as a line cook, worked in media and event planning and owned a personal chef business. I am completely obsessed with food and agriculture and believe I would be a great fit for the program (my low GPA is mainly due to disinterest during college and a surgery my last year) but am worried there is just no way with my GPA... what should I do?

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One way to boost your application would be to take some graduate classes in food studies as a non-degree student.  If you get As in your master's level classes, you will prove that you are capable of graduate level work in the field.

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Though if you do as juillet advises, make sure that where you apply, they will consider thoes grades.  Some schools will only look at the courses you took while pursuing your degree.

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