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SIPA, what are my chances? Work Experience... Problem


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Hello. the Gradcafe.

I am applying to Columbia, SIPA for the spring term of 2014. 

I know this kind of question is being asked a lot in here but I am worried about one thing in particular so I would really appreciate any sincere responses!


I have 3.5 GPA (US undergrad), GRE scores: 163 Verbal, 168 Quant.

I am from Korea and I speak Korean, English, and Spanish fluently. 

I think I can get good recommendations and I am currently working on my personal statement.


But I do not have much work experience.

I interned in Spain for 2 month at an immigration center. 

I interned in Peru for 1 month at a human rights institution. (They were both a part of summer program. that's why I worked there only for 1-2 months)

Then, I interned for 9 month in Boston at a small NGO.

And finally I worked at a rehabilitation center in Korea for 1 year after graduating from college. 


So my total work experience is about 2 years worth but SIPA says people usually have 3 years of work experience before entering SIPA. Also, I have worked here and there.


So now I am wondering whether my lack of work experience can be compensated by my other qualities including my GPA, GRE scores and etc. 


Please let me know and thank you so much for reading!



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3 years is the average - some have less, some have more.  My old roommate got into SIPA with just 1 year of work experience.  The only way to find out is to apply - if you don't get in, just work another year and try again.

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