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To Retake the GRE or Not?

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Hey all! So I'm a little flustered. Yesterday I wrote my GRE for the first time and I scored a 149 on Quant and a 155 on Verbal. My essay scores are still pending. I intend to apply to Princeton's WWS for an MPA focusing in international political economy for Fall 2014. They're the only school I want to apply to (at the moment) that requires the GRE. My GPA is 3.8/4.0, I have excellent letters of reccomendation. My CV is packed with awards and I stand in the top 10% of my class at this time. I also have research experience for the past year in my field with professors who've been trained at top tier schools in the US. I'm also heavily involved in many clubs on campus. Is this enough to overcome those scores? I've heard mixed things. Some say that Princeton doesn't care about your GRE scores if your GPA is high. Others say they look at them if you're an international student in order to compare you to others from other schools.


As an aside, it's not that I never prepared. I've spend the past two and a half months studying, committed to a Kaplan prep course. Went in feeling extremely confident, only for the power in the building to surge and for my computer to turn off right as I submitted my argument essay. It took twenty minutes for the computer to reboot, which (unfortunately) was enough time in total silence, not knowing what was happening, for me to psyche myself out. When I got to my last Quant section I couldn't even make sense of simple questions that I knew how to do - text anxiety I suppose. I've never tested well on standardized tests period. If I tested again I would want the time to study and commit to more practice questions/tests (which involves extending my existing Kaplan course or going through Magoosh and trying something new?). The problem is, I'm starting my 4th year of Undergad this fall, which is jammed with honors seminars/research work/club committements etc. I doubt I'll have any time to put in the hours I know I need to do well in the next six months.


So, suggestions are welcome. Thanks for any and all help!

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I would probably keep the score provided that you do well on the writing score. That being said I would definitely apply to at least a few safety schools, just for your benefit. Life is all about compromises, but if you don't get in at first you can strengthen your CV and try again next cycle.

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