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2 blank text completion


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1. His writing in the New York Times provoked a lot of feedback, much of it suggesting that he had been far too____(i)________ that while the situation may be grim, it’s not ____(ii)________ and that the last thing scientists should do is to stop looking for ways to keep recalcitrant weed alive.
(i)  apocalyptic , dire , villainous
(ii) pessimistic , panglossian ,  long-lasting
2.The strategy to employ surrogate for warranting the efficiency of the new HIV medicine is clever, but also ____________: the surrogate’s body system is quite _____________ dynamic human body consisting of unique DNA.
(i) little bit tenacious ,craftily manipulated , quite challenging
(ii) paralleled with, dissimilar to, contingent on

1.b,d  2. c,e



for more: http://exploregre.blogspot.com/2013/08/text-completion-drill-2-2-blank.html

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