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  1. Ooh, it is this time of the year again. Went through this same thing last year and here I am at U of Oregon. All the best!
  2. Same here! Really excited to get things started.
  3. I'm from Malaysia but I have a US bachelor's degree. I have a question: did your department offer you guys the GTF funding? Have you received any contracts to sign yet?
  4. June 15 deadline has passed! It's University of Oregon for me It was really nice talking to each of you guys here -- thanks for sharing all the information, tips and advice, I really appreciate it.
  5. Hello! I'm an international student and I'll be attending UO this fall for a MS program in geography. I received my bachelor's degree from UW-Madison! Madison is beautiful and a great town; I love it.
  6. Hello future Ducks! I'm going to UO this fall. I'll be doing an MS in geography. I'm an international student, moving from another side of the world (although I received my bachelor's in the US). The trip should be more than an adventure.
  7. I will pick Oregon regardless but you know, when I have options in my hands, I just want to make full use of the time given and think about those options wisely... just in case if anything happens on April 14 that I will have to change my mind Congratulations on getting accepted to Arizona!
  8. I don't know why, but I feel like I should accept an offer closer to April 15th than now.
  9. Has everyone decided where to go this fall?
  10. Just received an email from UNCG and they told me that I've been accepted to their program. They haven't made the funding decision yet but it is very likely that I'll be offered one. That means I've heard back from all schools that I applied to -- 3 admissions (1 full funding, 2 funding TBA) and 1 waitlisted for a funded offer. Turns out that the results are way better than I expected I should try being more optimistic from now on; I always underestimate myself which isn't helpful most of the time
  11. OH MY GOD THAT'S AMAZING Congratulations!!!!!!
  12. Congratulations, pohks! Meanwhile I am still waiting to know more about my funding status at Wisconsin.
  13. As time passes I am more likely to accept Oregon's full funding offer than waiting for other school's final decisions...
  14. That's great, paolaplease! Keeping my fingers crossed for you!
  15. Nope, haven't heard back from them since the day I was notified. I don't expect much from PSU since the email I received doesn't sound very optimistic... "I need to inform you that there are others ahead of you on this waiting list..." "Regrettably, there is a chance that we will not, in the end, be able to make you a funded offer..." kev0476's email sounds a little more positive than mine. But I think I'll shoot them an email anyway. I'm not sure what kind of grant my POI is waiting for but he did tell me that while he remains hopeful, there are possibilities that the application will fail, or something along that line. I still have roughly a month to make up my mind though. Hopefully there will be more good news coming as things progress (I am still waiting to hear back from one more school).
  16. Contacted my POI at UW last night to touch base about funding... He told me that he won't know more about his grant status until late in the semester (which I guess end of April or May?). What makes it tricky is that I have to respond to Oregon's offer by April 15. He also recommends me to go with the offers with guaranteed funding instead of the one without. Gahhhh On a different note, woah so many UCSB rejections
  17. I'm so sorry to hear that, paolaplease. Hoping things will go well for you with Oxford! And as far as I remember, you are on the waitlist for Minnesota, right? Keeping my fingers crossed for that too!
  18. How is everyone doing? I am still waiting for funding decision from Wisconsin... I guess I'll shoot my POI an email later today. How about you & your funding situation at Ohio State, pohks?
  19. Yeah I doubt it was as bad as he described... And why would you reject other offers this early anyway?! I thought most schools don't have their acceptance deadline up before April?
  20. Wow did you guys see the latest post about OSU on the result page? Terrible.
  21. Congratulations kev0476! I think my admission status is similar to yours. PSU wrote to me "We always like to bring in a class that is fully funded. For now, you are on a waiting list for a funded offer." I know right? Hm, I think I'd wait for a few more days. If I don't hear back from my POI by Friday, I'll send him an e-mail. I'm not sure if graduate program coordinator knows much about grant approvals though...?
  22. Thanks, Geography1984! That is exactly what I had in mind. Thanks, pohks! Your situation with OSU is very similar to mine with UW. I didn't get guaranteed funding from UW but exactly like your case, my POI wrote to me 2 weeks ago telling me that they were still waiting for some alternative funding decisions, which mostly come from grants (and perhaps TA/RA positions from departments other than geography, I guess). The difference is that I don't think the grad school has set a deadline for me to provide a financial statement. Are you going to email your POI and ask? I don't want to sound too pushy, you know (although I have to admit I am kind of desperate to know the decision lol)
  23. I haven't heard back from my potential advisor at UW in quite a while. Two weeks ago he told me not to make any decisions until he gets back to me with funding availability information (he is waiting for his grant to be approved I think) but I haven't heard anything from him since. Should I send him an email and ask about it?
  24. Waitlisted by Penn State. And I was told that there are a few people ahead of me in the list.
  25. Ohio State? Oregon State? Congratulations!
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