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Studying for GRE while working full time


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Hello all, I am in the process of scheduling my GRE date and I thought I would try my hand at these forums. Specifically, I’m interested to hear from those who took (or will take) the GRE while they were working full time.


I’m personally considering taking the GRE in 8 weeks (mid-October). I want to give myself some leeway to re-take the test in November should I choose to do so. I work between 40-50 hours a week, so I plan to take a full-length test every Sunday and prepare during the week. I started 2 weeks ago and averaged about 6 hours of studying, with 2 full-length practice tests (308 on my first try, 302 on the second). I reckon I’m going to put more hours of studying into my weekdays now that I know what I need to work on. 


Anyhow, I started writing first because I am having doubts about whether 8 weeks is enough time given my schedule. I am almost sure I will do this date though, since I plan to enroll in a class that starts immediately afterward. Still I am curious to get feedback about whether this is a reasonable time frame.


On a more general note I thought this would be a good space for those that work full time to share their experiences balancing GRE studying with their jobs. I know I want to get creative, maybe listening to princeton’s vocab minute while I go at my spreadsheets? Haha.


Good luck to all


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Hi, I'm also working (and taking a course) and I'm scheduled for April. I don't need the scores yet and I would prefer to spead out my studying and work around my job, class and life stuff. I suppose it depends on how well you want to do and what you need to learn to get there, but 8 weeks would not be enough time for me.

One thing I am doing is I signed up for magoosh and I'm listening to their lectures during my commute to work. I drive, so I can listen to stuff but I can't read or do problems, so magoosh works for me.

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