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Social Work- critical contemporary social issue


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Hello, I am writing an essay for graduate school in social work. One of the questions that must be addressed in the essay is as follows: What is the most critical contemporary social issue to be addressed by professional social workers?

I have searched on the internet for some answers, but they are not very clear. I was wondering if anyone has any information (websites or written responses) regarding this question?

Thank you so much for all your help!!!

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Hi JillB162!


Yes, I agree with Lisa4420. I think the point is for you to form an argument based off of an opinion/your interests. What will be your area of focus going into your MSW program? Maybe thinking about what's most important to you as a future social worker is a good place to start.


Good luck! I know writing personal statements is stressful--I'm in the same boat! :)

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I agree. I wrote mine about the issue that inspired me to go into social work. I don't think that coming up with a new innovative problem is as important as creating an effective solution to the one that you do decide to write about. 

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