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Test day and Sending Results


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Test day is nearing and I am getting nervous. Not about the test itself, but making sure I have everthing else all set up.

I am going to be using my 4-free score reports on programs that have that Dec. 1st deadline. Can I send my scores to this universities even though I have not opnened an application with them yet? Should I quickly start an application at these four schools or do they keep my score on file even if they do not have any record of me applying yet.


Do I need to write down the institution codes for these four schools that I am applying to? Do I have to memorize them due to the limitation of not being allowed to bring anything into the test with you. Or do you get to search for the school?

Does each seperate program at a school have different institution code, like the counseling psych program have different code than the social psych program?


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Are you applying for Fall '14? If so, are your scores going to get to wherever they need to be by the application deadlines??

If so, then


A. Yes.


B. No. You'll be able to search for them.


C. Sometimes, but you'll be able to figure that out when you search for the schools.

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Just an added note for C -- In one case last year, one of the programs I was applying to, (the Lunar & Planetary Laboratory [LPL] at the University of Arizona) had a separate institution code than the University of Arizona. However, the website for the program said to send scores to the University of Arizona institution code! I guess the LPL institution code was no longer used or something.


However, during test day, I did not know (or forgot) about this so I sent the scores to the LPL instead of the University of Arizona. A couple of weeks after the application deadline, the department didn't get my scores and they had to ask me to scan in my unofficial score report! It all worked out in the end but I think it's worth checking out your 4 free schools ahead of time to make sure there isn't anything strange about the way they want your schools sent!

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