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  1. Hi everyone! I too am a future Nittany-Lion. Similar to @zephiwho, my GF will be coming with next spring, and she is also in favor of getting a dog. My department funded a visit for me last semester, so I am at least somewhat familiar with the school and surrounding area. We're also headed to State College next week for a little spring break get away, if anyone wants me to check anything out for them while I'm there.
  2. I was pleasantly surprised as well! I just got back from an interview/visit there. I thought that the housing seemed a little steep IMO, but the town seemed great. Awesome CATA transit system, beautiful campus, nice downtown area. I can absolutely see myself in State College for the next 4 years :)
  3. I recommend you look into the I/O program at Bowling Green in Ohio. They are consistently ranked in top 5. My friends in that program are all going to go practitioner, which seems to be a large focus of the program. It is, however, PhD only, but they do practitioner internships during summer to get that experience and receive a ton of funding.
  4. Hi there, Texas: Sport psychology is a great field, and the questions that you ask are very hot topics right now. In fact, I was fortunate to hear a keynote speaker address these very questions, at a conference this winter. I think I may be able to help, and would be happy to discuss through private message. You are on the right track with wondering which route is the best for your intended career. As you know, PhD programs are largely focused on research and are set up for those who wish to remain in academia and continue researching. For what you want to do (applied work with collegiat
  5. HI there, I currently go to to BGSU. Welcome!
  6. Also going to be reading a Fields' Discovering Stats book, but mostly to prepare me for using SAS. Always been an SPSS guy, now my new program uses SAS. Sweeeet.
  7. Thanks for all the help! Everything was settled this morning. Turns out that I am only being supported for 8 hours this first semester, which is why I didn't think it would be covered. This is because all first years in my program are only expected to take 8. She is absolutely fine with me taking it, and was willing to even have them add funding if needed. I am just pushing back my research methods course one semester and taking this Sport Psych elective right out of the gate. cheers!
  8. All great info, thanks for the help! I did send her an email basically apologizing for my misunderstanding and trying to ameliorate the situation. I think she will be understanding and give me an honest evaluation of what to do. The situation is that I am in a Psychology PhD program, and wanted to take 3 Sport Psychology classes that are housed in the Kinesiology department, because of my research interests. These are not what I would call "fun" classes, but more of a supplementation of my education. The Sport Psych classes are only offered on a 2 year cycle, and because I am attempting t
  9. bsharpe, Thanks for the heads up! I never would have thought it would be frowned upon.. I think the damage may unfortunately already be done, as my advisor and PI is aware that I am enrolling in this "extra class"
  10. So I am hoping to supplement my education with some classes outside of department. I am going to be a first year PhD student, for what its worth and have a fully funded package. I am wondering if I will have pay for these classes out of pocket, or will they also be covered in my funding? Any insight?
  11. As I sit around my house on this incredibly unproductive Sunday, I couldn't agree more with the OP. Senioritis to the MAX. Already been accepted, only taking 9 credits (all i needed), and just two weeks left... Hopefully I can jump back into the swing of things, come August..
  12. ninfinteyes, Hi there, yes I have been looking into housing, quite a bit actually. The cost of living is quite enjoyable, coming from the west coast! I have been getting recommendations from current doc students in my department, and am about to sign a lease at Sycamore Square - grad student only apartments. Its a one bedroom for $400 a month, but unfortunately no pets allowed There seems to be some good options out there, I just know that I am not the best at staying disciplined, so being around all grad students will help keep me on track.. Best, SP30
  13. Attending BGSU, PhD program- Psychology! Also a North Westerner, from Oregon.
  14. Bump, Anyone have any advice for housing options for grads?
  15. I got rejected post-interview, so I sent a polite thank you, and asked for advice on how I could achieve some personal growth. I got good feedback, and really admire this POI. Was sad to have not been chosen, but he was real with me and explained the reasoning behind his decision. The reasoning ended up being something out of my immediate control (no masters, while every other candidate). It never hurts to thank them for their time, but as always, be courteous of their time and keep it short and sweet.
  16. Anyone else out there? Sure is lonely for a sports guy...
  17. Looking forward to my Interview Weekend coming up at the end of the month! If anyone has a specific question to ask about WVU, I can search for an answer while I am in that neck of the woods! PM me.
  18. Anyone else for Bowling Green? Really excited about this program and my PI
  19. Two huge interviews coming up on back to back weekends to close out the month. Going to be logging a lot of flight time heading back east for both of them. Really excited, and not nervous surprisingly– although I am anxious. For one of them, I need to demonstrate teaching proficiency by preparing a 5-10 minute lesson plan. Cake walk for me, as the teaching portion to my desired career will be one of my favorite aspects.
  20. Thank you for the advice, everyone. Here goes nothing!
  21. What would my friends here on The Grad Cafe advise me to wear for my Skype interview tomorrow? I was thinking a button up, but maybe no tie. They can only see above the waste so I am far less concerned with my choice of pants. Thanks!!
  22. Im tempted to post on the results page just to mess with all of you Berkeley hopefuls
  23. I have a Skype interview coming up next week, and in my case, they have narrowed down the applicants to 10 who will get Skype interviews and then they will cut that number roughly in half to be invited out to "interview weekend". The Skype interview is making a bit over-anxious, but it is an honor to be at least in the top-10 at a "reach" school. I am setting up my desk with notes all over behind the monitor so I can quickly take a peak and it will appear as if I am looking into the screen. Good luck everyone!!
  24. Wow guys! A lot of really good points brought up here! Firstly, I would never want to attend my undergrad school for grad school. I am looking forward to a fresh start and moving on and upward. The one thing I have to say in regards to ck926 is that in my opinion your POI whom you've been working with and been taking advice from should have been very upfront with you and actually "advised" you to apply elsewhere. I think it is an awful thing of them to give you all this false hope and not have the decency to tell you upfront why you should apply elsewhere and why they don't like taking their
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