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External Hard Drive for a MacBook Pro


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I want to purchase an external hard drive for my macbook pro. I have a lot of files and need the hard drive for extra storage and as a backup.


Does anyone have any recommendations on reliable, budget-friendly, and small external hard drives for a macbook pro? 





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In 2010 I bought a 2TB external hard drive from Seagate for about $120. I used it to back up my and my wife's Windows laptops as well as extra storage -- I partitioned the hard drive to have separate storage and backup drives. We both got Macbook Pros in 2012 and while the hard drive does work for both Mac and Windows, it did require me to reformat the hard drive. Now I use it as my time machine backup as well as storage. I have not had any problems with it in the last 3 years and it seems robust to work with several computers / operating systems over time. So, I'm pretty happy with it! I'm not sure if this is exactly the same one, but it's definitely cheaper now than it was 3 years ago: http://www.amazon.com/Seagate-Expansion-Desktop-External-STBV2000100/dp/B00834SJS0


I probably only need 1TB if it was just my own stuff. But it's just something like $10 to $15 more for 2TB.


Also, the hard drive I mentioned is "small" in the sense that it sits nicely on a desk, out of the way. But it's not "small" like a phone or a wallet. I think Seagate also sells slimmer models that are meant for travel, but I rarely move my external hard drive, opting to just use it as a at-home backup. I keep files I need/regularly use on my Macbook Pro.

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i have two seagates that i love: one is an older "desktop" one (has to be plugged into a power source to work), & the other is a new slim 500gb portable one. i mostly use the desktop one as a backup for music & photos, maybe on a monthly basis, but the slim is quite small & easy to tote around. you can buy it in a mac-specific version that makes it & time machine work together seamlessly. good stuff.

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I have two LaCie hard drives: this 1 TB portable one, and this 2 TB desktop one (or it may be 3 TB; I don't remember).  The desktop one lives on my desktop and I use it as my Time Machine, along with some extra storage space.  The portable one is mosty storage; holds some movies and music and I use it to bring with me on trips if I want to bring along work that's not stored on my MBP or entertainment.


Both of them work like a charm; I've had no problems from either and I really like them.  They are also sleek in design and look like my MBP, which is a plus.  These particular designs begin at 500 GB for $80.  The 1 TB one was $120 (which is about standard) and 2 TB was $130.  You can go up to 4 TB for $240.


I've also heard good things about Seagate for Macs.


I had a Toshiba Canvio when I had my PC and it DID NOT work on my MBP.  I was so upset because it was a 1 TB HDD; I ended up giving it to my husband who has a PC.  I'm also not really a fan of Western Digital; I've had a couple of hard drive failures and other issues with them.  But I know some people swear by them and they have a relatively affordable line for Macs.

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Depends.  How much data are you looking to store on it?  Are you thinking in the range of gigabytes or terabytes?


I am looking for an external hard drive in the range of terabytes. 



Thank you all for your suggestions! Based on everyone's suggestions, it seems like a 2TB is a better deal because it's only slightly more than a 1TB, and I can get more storage for just a few dollars more. Seagate seems to be the most recommended so far, so I'll check them out! 

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