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What MPA/MPP programs give scholarships and student aid to Foreign students?


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I've spend a bit of time researching already but I figured I'd ask all you fine people, just in case...


Does anyone know of MPA programs that give generous aid to foreign students?




In case it helps, my details:


Undergraduate institution: Top Canadian School
Undergraduate GPA: 3.95
Undergraduate Majors: Political Science, with a concentration in Public Affairs and Policy Analysis


Years of Work Experience: 6

Describe Relevant Work Experience:

- I stopped university for a couple years to work for a political party as an organizer. I also served on the party's provincial executive for 5 years (and on the policy committee, finance committee and fundraising committees)

- Worked on a number of campaigns, including as deputy provincial director at one point.

- Since returning to university, I did a year as a legislative intern on Parliament Hill and have a very prestigous summer fellowship doing policy analysis in the governmental sector.


Languages: Intermediate French


I'm doing the GRE in a couple weeks

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