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KSG MPP v Maxwell MPA $$


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Hi all,

firstly I wish I had discovered this board earlier - it would have been very helpful during those long waits!

I am trying to decide between the MPP at KSG or the MPA at Syracuse Maxwell school. If money was no object I would choose KSG, but I have been offered a full ride to Maxwell and would likely end up with $80k in debt at Harvard (I'm an international and have $40k Fulbright for first year only).

I'm probably going to be coming back to Europe after my degree to work in environmental or development fields, where KSG definitely has the 'wow' factor.

What does the board think, is KSG worth the debt? And what are the chances/opportunities for assistantships/fellowships in second year?

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If it is in any way financially possible (i.e., if you can secure loans in your home country), I would say go for HKS. I imagine that the education you could obtain at Syracuse would prepare you for your future professional challenges. But, the difference in reputation (and resources) between the two schools makes HKS almost impossible to turn down in your case, I feel. Regardless of how well-ranked the Syracuse MPA is, the university's name does not travel as well as Harvard's does. And, as someone who has lived in both Western and Eastern Europe, I don't anticipate that many individuals will know about Syracuse.

Have you tried going back to the U.S. embassy to see if they will consider you for an additional year of funding? I would think they would be terribly impressed to hear you were admitted to HKS. I believe that the Fulbright requires you to return and to work in your home country for a period of time. After that period has passed, having a degree from HKS will allow you more flexibility to work wherever you chose to work. And, indeed, what you do after graduation is as important as where your degree is from. But, with Harvard, you won't be prying open doors. They will open for you.

I feel your pain, however; I too am trying to find a way to make HKS financially viable.

Good luck!

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What European country are you from? I have a Spanish friend that did the first year of HKS with funding and then found new sources of funding in his home country for the second year once he was already in Cambridge. I agree that for working internationally HKS is much better known and will give you a better network than Maxwell...

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Thanks for your responses - I think if I can make it work financially I will. At the moment I am swinging between being absolutely thrilled and excited about Harvard and then being slightly overwelmed by the prospects of a mortgage sized debt! I will definitely wait until 3rd April and speak to some people about possibilities for future funding before making a decision. It is good at least to have Maxwell to fall back on should it all fall through.

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Hey Scotty, Good Luck! Am in similar KSG seat but for MPA. I am an International myself and am worried that if I were to return to Asia, it will take me forever, if at all, to pay back the loans. Don't want a dream (KSG) to hinder choice of actions later (because of financial obligation).

Hopefully, April 3rd will be a good day for all of us.

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