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No fellowship or TAship, what about Financial Aid?


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In my acceptance letter it stated that the department is unable to offer me a fellowship or TAship. I was wondering (and this may be a stupid question) should I expect a separate letter for financial aid that may include scholarships, or grants? (or at the very least, PLUS loans, etc). I filled out my FAFSA well before the priority deadline. When I was an undergrad I feel like I received two separate letters a month or so apart, but I was just wondering if that works the same for grad school or if I should be applying for these loans individually???


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You should get a letter from the school's financial aid office detailing your federal loan eligibility. The office's website might say when you should hear from them, or you can e-mail them and ask when to expect a letter.

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If you are talking about NYU, (since I see in your sig that you are accepted there) you can go to the grad financial aid section of their website nyu.edu, and then login with your N id# and you will see your financial aid package. It is not listed yet for 09-10 but the site says it should be updated in April.

I only found this by poking around the site some. (You can't get to it from the home.nyu.edu page, or at least I can't)

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