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Retake the GRE?


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Sorry if this is a boring topic, but I took the GRE today. I got a 170V, 163Q. 



I expected a better score on the quantitative section but I timed the second section poorly and didn't have enough time at the end. My undergraduate degree is in math with a 3.76 GPA from a top 20 (USNews) school and I've taken a lot of grad level math courses. 


I'm applying to some of the following statistics PhD programs: 




Carnegie Mellon 







NC State 



Should I retake the GRE to try to raise the quantitative score? How much do programs care? 

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I just took it and got a 170Q 165V.


I'm really surprised as to why you got a 163 though.  That's missing over 6 questions...it's like high school math lol.  How could you possibly run out of time?


The verbal is way harder than the quant...

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That's the frustrating part. None of the individual questions in the quantitative part are hard. I guess I spent too much time reading the numbers off the data analysis charts or I spent too much time double checking that I hadn't make an arithmetic mistake or was otherwise just a little too slow.


I did better on the practice tests, so I could probably improve the score. But if it's not likely to change schools' feelings about my application, then I don't want to do it. Taking the GRE isn't cheap or fun. 

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