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Worth it to postpone?


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I'm set to take the GRE in a little under two weeks, and I am wondering if it would be worth it to bump it two more weeks or so to try and improve my quant score. There are a few open spots later in November. I know these things can be a little tedious, but I am suffering from an attack of nerves.


I am focusing on top government departments that have either specific programs on social policy, or are actively producting scholarship on public benefits and health care policy generally. (Princeton, Harvard, the usual suspects.)


I have taken 5 practice tests with my verbal scores ranging between 163-168 and my quantitative between 153-156. I don't care a lick about trying to improve on verbal, but am a little worried about the quantitative.


I have a strong application package other than the GRE (I think):


I really am aiming for the top of the top, which motivates me to want to bump up my quantitative as much as I can--but I know I'm not going to suddenly be scoring over 160, so I'm not sure how much a handful of points will help. I'm fine being told there is no way to tell if it will help, but I figured it doesn't hurt to ask!


Thanks in advance for anyone willing to respond!

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Are you going to be doing quantitative research in your field? If so, I would postpone -- but only if you have a clear sense of some tangible steps you can take to boost your quantitative score in the time remaining and you are sure your scores will arrive before the application deadline.

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