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  1. Oh sheesh, I probably overstated. That was based on gossip from academic friends at Penn (not in poli sci) and inferences off of the website.
  2. I've gots me a theory. I know Penn is aiming to offer funding to all of its students off-the-bat, so maybe that is what is delaying the process this year--if I remember correctly, last year there are admits with full funding and then admits waitlisted for funding. Maybe they are doing away with the funding waitlist and are instead waiting to get a total, set budget from the University and then issue decisions in a more straightforward manner--all acceptances offered funding, with a waitlist for both acceptance and funding.
  3. I'm afraid that this is going to sound cranky when its really not--there seems to be a person waiting on Penn that keeps posting "other" asking if anyone has heard from the Department. If you're that anxious, give em' a call! No harm in that.
  4. I was told the same by professor friends. Because "fit" is so important...but also so hard to define and probably different for every person evaluating you, its a black box.
  5. Ugh. I think I made it pretty clear that I wasn't claiming everyone who would turn down his request would do so because they found it weird, just that some would. Though on two--a lot of individuals may find it an inappropriate request as well. Why? Because many individuals are taught not to do things like get in a car and drive thousands of miles with a stranger--and may feel slightly weirded out that others were not taught that lesson and may wonder at the motivations. I was simply says that it wasn't out of the realm of possibility that some people would find it inappropriate to take th
  6. boazczoine


    Way to go! My advice would be to set a number of times to work out per week and let yourself be flexible in how you fulfill that allotment. And always have a 20 minute toning routine you can do in front of the TV on the days you are just too beat to go to the gym.
  7. Huh? I definitely say go for it! Could be a blast if you find the right buddy. But with the caveat that a lot of women (and men) would likely (and perhaps smartly) find it inappropriate to drive cross country with a man (I'm assuming) that they know nothing about--and I wouldn't judge them for that.
  8. You know, I really expected folks to hear from more schools today.
  9. Ok, I dread doing this because it is beyond second-hand knowledge/likely not helpful but for those of you waiting... Apparently Yale has made their decisions and are just waiting on "official" sign off. I do not know any other details besides that. A friend of mine in another department heard from a current Poli Sci grad student.
  10. I know its spam and may be irritating to some, but the cow related postings on the results thread (that are quickly deleted) are making me smile.
  11. That's not cool at all. I know sometimes graduate schools are in charge of sending out rejections while departments take the acceptances and waitlists, but as Princeton demonstrated, it is possible to coordinate the two. For heaven's sake.
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