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  1. Couldn't agree more. You'll never know if you don't give it a shot!
  2. Try the NOVA GRE Prep Course. Great for Math!
  3. At some point soon, you might find yourself with offers at Yale and some other set of schools, and then a bunch of non-Yale people will say, "Don't go to Yale" (especially if you are in American politics), and you will need to balance their words against the enticing siren song of Yale. If your next-best offer is Wisconsin or Cornell or something, then perhaps you should go to Yale. But if you are looking at a Michigan or Berkeley or MIT, then you probably shouldn't, and here's a reason why that no one else will mention. Forget for the moment all the concerns about faculty exodus (though
  4. These tiers are way out of whack. All the cool kids are going to Berkeley and avoiding Yale.
  5. Nope! You need to go to the Government Affairs forum.
  6. I am definitely giving Michigan full consideration and am going to the flyout, but it seemed to have the lowest concentration of POIs for me--maybe I need to look at the faculty again. Perhaps when I visit we can have a lively chat about the program! And, I will say, this is exactly the kind of thing that I would hope to get out of this thread and forum--information I hadn't considered, lists of professors I somehow missed. Thanks very much for your reply!
  7. This is a good idea. I am pretty torn between Berkeley and Yale. I know the econ people at Urch do "Where should I go?" threads but that didn't seem to be a thing here, so I appreciate a transition on this forum from "Where will I get in?/Where am I getting in?" to "Where should I go?"
  8. Ah, okay. I was searching on "political science." Very odd indeed. Perhaps a disgruntled former MAPSS student.
  9. There is only one person on the results board who talks about a master's offer from Chicago. Notice there is one from NYU as well. I haven't heard from them either and am baffled at what they could possibly be doing at this point, but suffice it to say, I would definitely not accept a consolation master's offer.
  10. There was another thread somewhere where someone wrote out a long list of suggested questions for visit days, but I can't seem to find it. Does anyone else know where it is? Thanks! Edit: Found it! The rest of the thread is good too.
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