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Another Generic What Are My Chances (Quant Psych)


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Hello fellow gradcafe members (gradcafers?),


To cut to the chase, I'm applying to quant programs this fall, but I'm afraid that the ones I'm applying to are all a bit too highly ranked to guarantee that I'll get into one. Here's the list:

- Arizona State (First Choice)

- UC Davis (Second Choice)


- University of North Carolina

- Ohio State


Here are my credentials:

- 3.91 Undergrad GPA

- 4.0 Grad GPA (I've taken the 3 methods classes that the grad psych program at my university offers)

- GRE: Verbal- 162; Quant: 164; Analytic Writing: 4.5

- Current member of two labs: working on two manuscripts in one (which is my senior project) and assisting a graduate student in running his dissertation research (will probably get a poster out of that)

- Currently have one poster presentation at a national convention (SPSP 2013)


Are there any schools that I am overlooking? What sort of safety schools exist for this field?
I'm primarily interested in finding programs with research oriented towards different varieties of statistical modeling that also happen to have social programs.


Thanks for any advice!

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Have you looked into UNC? It's not a safety school by any means, being the top quant program in the country, but it seems weird not to apply given they've got such a great social program as well as quant.


I think your stats sound competitive! 

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Quant Liz Lemon, by OU, do you mean Oklahoma? Is their program that strong?
And funny story, I'm not really interested in the quant research going on at USC.

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