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Statistic PhD profile evaluation


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Hello All! I am wondering if someone can help evaluate my profile.


type of student: International  student study in America(F-1)


Undergraduate: Small Liberal Arts school in Missouri




Graduate:The University of Iowa (TA experience)


Major :Statistics


GRE: V670(94%)


         AW 3.0


I am applying  PhD program.


Program Applying: UCLA stat, Columbia biostat, Northwestern, UC Irvine, UCSB, Rice, Boston University biostat.


Have a couple projects in time series, design of experiments and multiple regression. I am working on Monte Carlo integration and some computing project right now. 


All my math course are A except for Topology. All statistics courses are also A.


Please help evaluate my chances! Thanks! 

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Excellent spec! Duke(Stat, Bayesian, Big department), Texas Austin(Stat, Bayesian), Yale(Stat or Biostat) would be also good candidates.

Thank you! I am not sure about Austin though since their program is relatively new and their professors are from other department. 

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