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PhD Applicants: A Few Things


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A few things for the PhD applicants abroad:


1) What are your thoughts on schools with idyllic programs and relatively small stipends ($15-16k), perhaps with high student fees? Worth it? (One might have to, say, drive pizzas to make ends meet...)


2) How happy are you with your writing sample? Is it publishable? Is it an original essay, history of research, just descriptive, old argument?


3) Post your application milieu in your signature line once you've applied; it's one thing everyone is curious about.


4) For anyone applying to Princeton, Yale, UT Austin, or Harvard in Ancient Mediterranean Religions, I'd love to know your interests, topic of your writing sample, POIs.

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1.) I believe 15k would be a fine stipend for me, but my wife works so it would mostly serve as supplemental income to hers. The only location where this could be a problem is NYC (I'm applying to Fordham).


2.) I'm still deciding on my writing sample. I will probably only be somewhat happy with it. I'm hoping mostly to show that I can carry on a somewhat creative argument coherently while engaging scholars in the field (current and important past sources).

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