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  1. Based on your own story and background you've described it sounds like Fuller would be a great fit for you. I'm glad you applied to YDS and Duke as well. Is it too late to apply to Princeton Theological Seminary? If not you should look into that as well.
  2. It seems three people all received word from Loyola Chicago that they are the number 1 spot on the ISET waitlist. This is confusing, as I am one of them. Did everyone else's look like this.... " I have been waiting for the final ranking of the Theology Section Professors, and finally the ranking has been sent to me with the wonderful strengths of the students summarized. Matthew, we are permitted two entries into the ISET Theology, and you are on the list, just a fraction from the two students ahead of you. Should either notify me that they have chosen another Univ
  3. "We have begun the process of notifying some applicants that we cannot accept them into the program..." - from the aforementioned e-mail. Or they could just be sending out "you've been waitlisted" e-mails slowly as well but who knows. Yes I applied, hoping to work in systematics with Dr. Viladesau
  4. Based on an e-mail I just read Baylor is also e-mailing those waitlisted (myself included) and those who are not going to be further considered at all. This was in the sub-field of theological studies if that helps.
  5. All mine are finally in. It's actually kind of a good feeling knowing that nothing is in my hands anymore. I can now wait, hope, and pray for positive responses while also sifting through other career options if I get six denials.
  6. I am finishing my last quarter at Fuller and I will again clarify that none of the professors are religious pluralists, or any of the other things phdapp accused them of. Fuller is on the 'progressive' side of evangelicalism and thus can get pigeon-holed as straying from the true path by the more conservative/fundamentalist evangelical camp. I will say that I was in a similar situation as the original poster. I left my church that I loved to gain some more education to be a better minister at that church. Since attending Fuller I'm not sure I could sign the doctrinal statement of the staff
  7. Seeing as your title says Eastern Orthodoxy I would recommend to University of Virginia's M.A. in Religious Studies There are four different tracks - Historical Studies - History of Religion - Scripture, Interpretation, and Practice - Theology, Ethics, and Culture I recommend UVa because its a well respected program but primarily for you because of Vigen Guroian, the faculty member who leads Orthodox Studies at UVa (see here... http://www.guroian.com/status-of-orthodox-studies/summary.html) Also worth your time may be an M.A. in Theology at Fordham University. It's a Jesuit Catholic
  8. RichardHooker, if you are a conservative Anglican, I really think you ought to at least apply to Wycliffe. It could be a pretty enjoyable and formative experience to study with a group of scholars committed to the same sort of academic and ecclessial project as yourself. The school is pretty well known in the broader moderate/conservative theological scene. I know two professors at schools as conservative as Moody with their PhD's from Toronto School of Theology (residents at Wycliffe), yet it is also more broadly respected. See the First Things (a publication very sympathetic to the conservat
  9. No, all schools don't ask this. If I am remembering correctly, of the three apps I recently completed (Princeton Seminary, Vanderbilt, and Baylor) only Vanderbilt asked, and they only gave 5 spots for you to answer (just pick the 5 you want them to know about I guess...) I don't see why I would not answer honestly, in less all of my other app's were for extremely different programs. Even then, I don't think this gets weighed much against everything else.
  10. Hard to believe my first three apps are due in a week and a half. Anyone else applying to Vanderbilt, Baylor, or Princeton Seminary?
  11. 1.) I believe 15k would be a fine stipend for me, but my wife works so it would mostly serve as supplemental income to hers. The only location where this could be a problem is NYC (I'm applying to Fordham). 2.) I'm still deciding on my writing sample. I will probably only be somewhat happy with it. I'm hoping mostly to show that I can carry on a somewhat creative argument coherently while engaging scholars in the field (current and important past sources).
  12. Yeah that program looks pretty exciting. I'm pretty set on staying in the states though for funding reasons.
  13. Also, MBIGRAD, does the MBI in your moniker refer to Moody?
  14. I'll be applying to programs in systematics. I'm interested in theological aesthetics and theological approaches/rationales to/for popular music. I'll be applying to... Duke Divinity (ThD: theology and the arts with Begbie) Baylor (PhD in religion, theology) Vanderbilt (PhD in theology, interested in the Theology and Practice track) Fordham (PhD in theology) Loyola (PhD in ISET) DU/Iliff (PhD, Theology, Philosophy, and Cultural Theory) University of Western Ontario (M.A. in Popular Music and Culture) If anyone has any recommendations for programs or POI's sympathetic to theology
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