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GRE: Best score from each section taken?


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I took the GRE on Friday (11/15) and did fine on verbal... not so well on Quant. 


I am planning on taking the GRE for a second time in 21 days (Dec 7th) to get a new score in there just in time for app deadlines.


That being said... Since my verbal is solid... I was just going to focus on Quant. Does the GRE allow you to send the best scores for Verbal and Quant from each test? Like, let's say this time I get a lower V, but a better Q... do I have the send the 2nd test as a whole... or can I just send the better V and Q from both tests?



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Yeah....no. A score report is the whole deal. If you've taken it multiple times and you report all your test scores, some schools may consider your best mark in each section per test, but they'll also be able to see all your scores. You should ask the school for a more detailed answer.

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