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Confused about the writing sample


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My program says that I can upload a writing sample if I want to, but this is officially not required.

What should I do? I've read somewhere that attaching writing samples can be tricky in the application process anf often it's safer to leave that out. Any thoughts?

I'm applying for a masters degree in economics. Thanks

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But are you a strong writer...?


If you have an application that otherwise makes you look great and competitive and then include a paper that isn't compelling/interesting/well written it can hurt you. 


If anything, have someone legitimately sit down and proof read it. If they dont respond that there's something wrong with it - even just a minor "I don't know if this phrasing is correct.." sort of comment, they didn't actually read it. Responses of "It's great!" or "Good job!" from people who you asked to proof something is a sure sign they didn't actually proof it and consider what it said. 


But if you can say you've legitimately addressed issues in your writing sample that someone else has brought up, then you can say it's ready for prime time. 

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I was thinking of attaching an essay I wrote for one of my economics classes and that was marked 1st class. Of course, there is no guarantee that it will be perceived positively. I am in two minds, really...i guess I will contact the instructor who graded this work and ask him for an opinion :) what do you guys think?

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