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  1. Another aspect to consider is the kind of jobs you will be looking at post graduation. NYU surely seems attractive and if you were keen to work in the financial services sector, I would tell you to go for it. But you mentioned development economics so if you provide us with more specific info (consulting, NGOs, etc...) perhaps we can advise better. anyway, congratulations on securing those offers.
  2. well-said and very wise to view this issue from the international student's perspective. thanks for that you are right to say that promises are just promises at this time, and there is nothing concrete. In fact, my partner said yesterday that should michigan state have wanted me to join their program by all means, they could have given me a better offer, perhaps something more concrete than just assurances...however they did not. His statement makes sense in a way...oh well.
  3. You've certainly made some valid points here. uc davis would make a great choice and obviously they are high in the agricultural economics rankings... it's just that I've got some concerns. First, getting TAs in other departments will release some of the financial burden but it will not provide me with the research experience I need to build my profile for a potential PhD. Second, even if I could defer for one year and get a job in a bank, I doubt I could save so much given that two years at uc davis for an international student would be somewhere around $95,000. I have already tried to find o
  4. Thank you and I wish you too good luck! The irony here is that I was pretty confident I would get a fully funded offer from michigan state as my research interests were a perfect fit to the faculty there. but uiuc came from nowhere with this cheeky offer on the other hand I feel that michigan has let me down... unless a miracle happens, I will most likely accept the UIUC offer and try to make the best of it. thanks for your advice.
  5. I have thought of letting both uc davis and michigan state know about the UIUC offer and see what they answer. Do you think it's okay to mention the name of the university that gave me the offer? Will it cause any issues? If I take UIUC, I will need to email the rest of the schools anyhow to decline their offers. At the same time I need to think of a positive way to put it across to them as I surely do not wish to burn any bridges. One day I may apply for a PhD at these same universities
  6. I agree with you, the only thing that worries me is how this decision will affect my PhD prospects later on.. Even though UIUC still ranks high overall in agricultural economics, all the other programs that have accepted me seem to rank higher. Not sure how relevant this aspect is...
  7. Hi all I've applied for an ARE master's degree at UC Davis, Univ of Wisconsin Madison, Michigan State University, UIUC and University of Maryland. So far I have received offers from the first four programs and I am yet to hear back from the Univ of Maryland. I find it hard to choose a program and thought someone could help...here is what I've got. 1) UC Davis - I have received an offer with a tiny fellowship that is negligible when you calculate the costs of the entire program. Being an international student, the non-resident tuition at UC Davis is a killer and from my research, gettin
  8. I can talk about London but I reckon Geneva may be similar. When I did my undergrad in the centre of London, I initially paid about £600 for a tiny, really tiny room in the dorm (no meals included). Sharing a flat will not necesarily be cheaper but you will probably get more space. In my last year I rented a tiny 1-bed flat (zone 4, so pretty far from the centre) for £800 plus utility bills because I was working alongside coursework. Depending on which zone you choose to live, transportation expenses per month can be up to £200 if you live in zone 4 and it gets a bit less the closer to zone 1
  9. This is so true! Apart from that, many jobs in development tend to be contract-based and budget-constrained. I once volunteered in a small NGO office during my undergraduate degree. One of the few paid employees over there told me that she had actually volunteered for a few years before she could finally get paid for her work. And even then her contracts would be for just 6 -12 months and sometimes they would not get extended due to lack of funds. I reckon things could be different in bigger organisations...
  10. I applied to UC Davis, Univ of Wisconsin-Madison, Univ of Maryland, Michigan State Univ and UIUC. In Europe I am considering the PPD program from Paris School of Economics, the agricultural econ at Univ of Bonn and probably the development economics program from Univ of Goettingen. So far I've got an offer from Wisconsin -Madison and i am excited as their program is ranked 4th in the US and it's one of the best in the world. Sadly, no funding, it seems the dept is going through a hard year. What programs did u apply for?
  11. I've received an offer letter recently but it pales in comparison to yours well-done! You must be a special candidate, no doubt.
  12. I've been following this thread with lots of interest because I am also keen on a career in international development mainly econ dev. Even though I am not targetting the same programs (I am looking at grad programs in economics/agricultural economics), I am also torn between US and European schools. Being European myself, I thought European schools would be a better fit (as most of the people here have articulated, they are cheaper and besides, I would not be restricted to on-campus jobs as I would be should I choose to attend an American school). However, I need a program that will make me m
  13. I suggest you check Univ of Bonn, Mannheim and Goettingen (the latter offers a masters program in dev econ) oh sorry, it seems u want to do a BSc not a grad program. Not sure if there are good undergraduate programs in english over there...
  14. @education leadership: a realistic and honest approach to the GRE. Thanks and good luck with your applications.
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