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Research Papers VS. GRE Subject


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Dear all,


I am a Bsc student, I wrote three conference papers (as the first author) and a Journal one ( as the second one). I want to apply directly for PHD program, GTech University. GPA:3.7 and 3 strong letters of recommendation.

I don't want to attend subject GRE test. While GRE subject is recommended, what is your opinion about my application?

Thank you.

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Well, from what I have heard (and this is the foundation upon I based my decision of taking the Subject GRE), the Subject GRE is a good choice if people in the university you are applying to, are unfamiliar with the university where you did your undergraduate degree, or if your undergraduate degree was in another field of study.

So it depends, if your undergraduate school is fairly known, maybe you shouldn't bother.

Other possible reason for taking the Subject GRE is if your grades in your major were somehow low, which seems not to be your case (since you have a high GPA).

In my opinion, taking the Subject GRE won't improve your chances of getting into Gatech, especially if you are confident in your publications.

Good luck.

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While GRE subject is recommended, what is your opinion about my application?

I didn't take the GRE subject test and my grades were low so in theory I probably should have. If you don't want to take the test, don't take the test.

If your letters are good, your GPA is decent and you have your name on papers whether or not you took the GRE subject test isn't going to be the deciding factor unless you totally bomb it. I'd say it could only hurt you.

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Don't voluntarily put yourself at a disadvantage. The test is horrible and I would never want to study for and take it again, BUT, you should take it. Everyone should take it. You'll probably need to study for a few months and then sit there for three hours and answer the questions. Don't get me wrong, I think the ETS is a horrible and evil company (NOT a non-profit) and should be run out of business. However, that's the system and we all have to work within it at the moment.

I only did marginally well (75th %-ile), but that was good enough everywhere coming from a reputable program (which GTech is) with well-known recommenders.

Think of it this way, if you don't take the subject test and you end up unhappy with your results this time next year, you'll wish you had taken it. Besides, you might actually learn something studying! :shock: I know I did.

Just my two cents...

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