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    Gainesville, FL

    I really think that depends on the company and everything. I think you should ask, however, this is probably $399 per student...
  2. I've been a little lost lately It took me like a week to find these great news! Congrats frankdux! I guess we'll see each other at Gainesville 8) Go Gators!
  3. So Where are the Gators for this year??
  4. I used Kaplan's book and Practice CD... it proved to be enough for me! I recommend it
  5. Definitively... I guess if he is so ashamed of going to a great school like UMD... there are many people in the forum who would be willing to trade positions with him...
  6. I just received my answer They advised me to apply to their masters also, with no funding... I can't pay that... and I have already committed to University of Florida , so it doesn't really matter XD
  7. Your are possibly right... The point I wanted to make is that even though he/she did not cared, it just didn't feel right
  8. Well, it was kind of bad manner :? from you.... You should say sorry, at least...
  9. I still have no answer I guess they lost my App... I have accepted Florida's offer anyway... however I am a little bit mad that I paid 80 bucks and got not even a courtesy rejection email... Is anyone still waiting like me?
  10. OMG WHAT ARE THEY WAITING FOR??? :evil: :twisted: :evil: :twisted:
  11. awww... almost.. one post more and I will have made it into the list that is kind of sad [well I apparently I join the "I don't have a life (apart from my virtual one)" comunity It is nice XD
  12. I'm waiting to hear from UCSD Just want to give final answers to everyone
  13. I was rejected at Illinois I'm probably attending Florida However, I really want to know San Diego's final answer before accepting Florida's offer
  14. Loool you better not I did tried hard to get a good post count... I would have probably got a much bigger one if my employer hadn't realize that I was doing so much web browsing at work... (he wouldn't be happy with my post count either...) What can I say? I felt so comfortable around people with so similar experiences to my own.... that I had to participate a lot
  15. Will there be a " Forum Stats for Mar '09" ?? XD
  16. Well maybe you should learn to laugh at yourself... works for me Better to laugh than to cry....
  17. That is exactly why that shouldis so damn beautiful (and sarcastic).. in the end... we all know it won't be over then
  18. Lol April 2nd almost ended... no rejection yet
  19. djrg

    UIUC Results?

    I just got mine also... Kind of nice letter.... hurts a lot... I had a little hope...
  20. Well, from what I have heard (and this is the foundation upon I based my decision of taking the Subject GRE), the Subject GRE is a good choice if people in the university you are applying to, are unfamiliar with the university where you did your undergraduate degree, or if your undergraduate degree was in another field of study. So it depends, if your undergraduate school is fairly known, maybe you shouldn't bother. Other possible reason for taking the Subject GRE is if your grades in your major were somehow low, which seems not to be your case (since you have a high GPA). In my opinion, taking the Subject GRE won't improve your chances of getting into Gatech, especially if you are confident in your publications. Good luck.
  21. I just wrote to them... let's see if I get any answer ... I can smell a rejection coming 8)
  22. This counter is starting to make really nervous :S I need final answers.... :S
  23. I think that, as vegetables, the aspects that tkm256 is talking about, are maybe not meant for everybody to like... I myself found it cool to adjust my SoP trying to maximize my chances at each school... (and some of it didn't work... and probably could be seeing as a waste of time).....
  24. I'm with vincent! I have a friend in UIUC's doctoral program and he is doing really amazing research on distributed systems. Their program is really good
  25. Loool, Sorry if it is redundant for you! The article was written like a week ago, I don't see how you could have found it in so many places, so fast... but ok... Scaring people? I don't know, I guess the job situation for professors in top school is a reality, and is just something one should consider before entering grad school... Also, I didn't find his tone bitter... He is really happy with his job! He even says is the best job in the world... and I concur with him... @GirlattheHelm good analysis I'm with you on how tenure professors some times abuse of their position in order to do basically nothing.... And how universities are tending more to hire professors just for adjunct positions...
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