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  1. djrg

    Gainesville, FL

    I really think that depends on the company and everything. I think you should ask, however, this is probably $399 per student...
  2. I've been a little lost lately It took me like a week to find these great news! Congrats frankdux! I guess we'll see each other at Gainesville 8) Go Gators!
  3. So Where are the Gators for this year??
  4. I used Kaplan's book and Practice CD... it proved to be enough for me! I recommend it
  5. Definitively... I guess if he is so ashamed of going to a great school like UMD... there are many people in the forum who would be willing to trade positions with him...
  6. I just received my answer They advised me to apply to their masters also, with no funding... I can't pay that... and I have already committed to University of Florida , so it doesn't really matter XD
  7. Your are possibly right... The point I wanted to make is that even though he/she did not cared, it just didn't feel right
  8. Well, it was kind of bad manner :? from you.... You should say sorry, at least...
  9. I still have no answer I guess they lost my App... I have accepted Florida's offer anyway... however I am a little bit mad that I paid 80 bucks and got not even a courtesy rejection email... Is anyone still waiting like me?
  10. OMG WHAT ARE THEY WAITING FOR??? :evil: :twisted: :evil: :twisted:
  11. awww... almost.. one post more and I will have made it into the list that is kind of sad [well I apparently I join the "I don't have a life (apart from my virtual one)" comunity It is nice XD
  12. I'm waiting to hear from UCSD Just want to give final answers to everyone
  13. I was rejected at Illinois I'm probably attending Florida However, I really want to know San Diego's final answer before accepting Florida's offer
  14. Loool you better not I did tried hard to get a good post count... I would have probably got a much bigger one if my employer hadn't realize that I was doing so much web browsing at work... (he wouldn't be happy with my post count either...) What can I say? I felt so comfortable around people with so similar experiences to my own.... that I had to participate a lot
  15. Will there be a " Forum Stats for Mar '09" ?? XD
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