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Cornell MEng Degree


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Accidentally posted this on the main Applied Sciences & Mathematics thread. Sorry for the redundancy!

I applied to Cornell for their PhD program in Electrical Engineering, since I received an email early on saying that ECE majors could not apply for an MS degree, only PhD or MEng. Today I received an email stating that they didn't have room for me in their PhD progam, but I was offered a spot in their MEng program. I have heard that a lot of Ivies only use Masters degrees as booby prizes to students who don't qualify, or can't hack the PhD program. Is this true? Would a Masters from Cornell be looked down upon in the working world? Also, I understand that the MEng is more coursework and less research. I have done a lot of research in my undergraduate work, so I would prefer a more research based Master's program. I'd like everyones' impression of the MEng degree at Cornell. Thanks!

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i also realize that standalone MS isn't an option at Cornell... (at least, for ME, too)

one of the people i know enrolled in Cornell for M.Eng in EE. Even before the half way over, he was offered a few positions in the industry, and he said they were all from big companies as respectable positions. He accepted a position at a company because it's located in the city he loves. He also told me his classmates had good offers, that he hardly knew anyone in his class who couldn't find a job.

However, i don't think research is a big part of the program. (i'ts only one year)

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Thanks for the reply. I would really like to do research during my masters, but I probably won't be going for a PhD., since I don't plan to teach or do pure research as a career. So maybe this is a good solution for me.

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I am enrolled in ECE MEng at Cornell right now and I am doing research. You can do research - it's tricky and the way to do it is less well-known. Most MEng students here are doing "projects" but you can do the "research track" if you so desire. You'll have to write a research track proposal, enroll in 7 credits of research / semester. Some people use the research track as a way to get into the PhD program...you can make the switch to PhD in Spring if you can convince your advisor to recommend you when the time comes.

Hope that helps.

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