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development economics SOP, just how technical...?

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Hi all


that's a question I would like to ask those of you who are applying for an economics-related degree (preferably masters but not necessarily) and are now in the process of writing/revising your SOPs.


how technical are those paragraphs that discuss your academic research interests - do you go into numbers/percentages, research results, etc..? does the principle "the more technical, the more persuasive" apply here?


and second, when you discuss your career goals post-graduation, how concrete is that? Do you go as far as to write that you will be applying for role A in organisation B?


looking forward to your thoughts :)


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Not in economics, but for political science the best thing to do is to write for a group of poli sci professors. They don't all do the same type of research and use the same methods, so keep that in mind. I'd avoid numbers and what not, but you should be using common terminology and showing your subject competence. 

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