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Chances of getting into an MSW program?


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I know this is a commonly asked question, but I could not seem to find anyone that fit my stats. I am a psychology major and social work minor with an overall GPA of a 3.03 (but a 3.43 for the last 3 semesters). The reason it is lower is due to some health issues my first two years, which I outlined in the personal statement. I have a few months of volunteer work at the Boys and Girls Club, an upcoming full time, month long internship at a social services center, and a 20 hour per week senior practicum which is also at a social services center. I am almost positive that my recommendations are strong, unless my recommenders secretly have hatred for me they do not show. I am applying to early decision for almost all of the schools.

The schools I am applying to:

Simmons College



Smith College

Radford University

George Mason University


Wheelock College


So I know my GPA is definitely less than perfect but I have so much passion for this field and I feel that I did a good job outlining that in my PS.


What do you think my chances are?

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Hi! I'm not sure if that answer is sarcastic because this is one of the stereotypical "chances" posts, but I meant for it to be more of a discussion between me and others who are in the same situation/can help. I'll go back and edit my original but I was looking for more of a dialogue because it is a stressful situation (as you all know). Thanks!

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I am still laughing at the 30% response.  Love it! 


As to the original poster, I have no idea what your chances are.  So far I have applied to Berkeley and to Rhode Island College.  I am trying to get everything together for BU.  The only school on your list that I am familiar with is BU.  What were your guidelines for selecting your schools?  They all seem to be East Coast. Do they have a particular bent that interests you?  For instance, my priorities were geographical (as I am older and want to stay and live where I earn my MSW) and whether the research interests of the professors at the schools matched my own.

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I don't know if this helps, but I applied to an MSW program with similar stats a decade ago.  I was not admitted then, but that year I took a graduate MSW course as a "graduate student at large" and continued working full-time in the field.  When I applied to the same school a year later, I not only got in but I also job a scholarship.  


I think it would not hurt to apply.  If it doesn't work this time around, applying again later with some work experience might do the trick.

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