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Re-take GRE for 3rd time?


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I took the GRE in August and scored:

V: 152 (53%)

Q: 161 (81%)

W: 5.0 (93%)


I felt the verbal was a bit low so i studied for 6 months mostly verbal and just retook it yesterday:

V: 155


W: unknown for now




Should I retake for the 3rd time????

I shall submit to U-tornoto Biochemistry and pharmacology (their deadline is Jan so I have to use these scores)


But mcgill is still in feb.. so maybe I can re-take it...


I shall submit to U British Columbia as well as mcmaster (which probably doesnt need GRE)...


I really appreciate everyone's input plz.

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You need to check what range they look for. Being that you're a science guy, verbal shouldn't be much of an issue. Now if your quantitative was that low, I'd be worried....

Check with your school. Good luck!

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At this point, I'd say you're good. I've heard conflicting views on this- some say it looks bad if you take it more than twice, especially if you're sending your scores to the same schools. However, some say to keep taking it until you have the scores you want. I agree with above, the sciences don't place too much emphasis on the verbal and you're above the 50% that most schools cut off at. Just focus on your SOP!!! Good luck :)

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Why does it look bad if you take the GRE more than twice? Because of Score Select, won't grad schools have no idea how many times you took the test?

The people who have told me about multiple score submits didn't say why per se, they just said it looks bad, though mostly when you're doing consecutive retakes, usually because there's not a significant score difference and it makes you look like you're trying too hard for a score you can't get. If there's a year or more between the scores that's more acceptable.

Scenario- if you take the GRE the first time, and submit your scores, then take it again and submit your scores, the schools will still have access to the other scores. For example, the schools that I'm applying to for my PhD that I also applied to my Masters still show my previous GRE score submits from 2 years ago although my retake in December is shown first.

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