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applied math profile evaluation


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Greetings! :lol: 


I hope someone here could help me evaluate my profile. 


Undergrad Institution: Top #2 university in Korea
Major: math
GPA: 3.8
Type of Student: male international 



GRE Revised General Test:
Q: 170 (98%)
V: 160 (81%)
W: 3.5 (35%) 


GRE Subject Test in Mathematics:


Program Applying:

Applied math(pde)

Research Experience: 

Not very much. 



Pertinent Activities or Jobs:





linear algebra1,2  A+
abstract algebra1,2 B+
algebra(graduate)1,2 A+
lie algebra(graduate) A+
cryptography A+
homological algebra(graduate) A+
real analysis(graduate) A+
funtional analysis(graduate) A+
ode, pde , pde(graduate), applied pde A+
dynamical system A+
topology1,2 A-
algebraic topology1,2 A+
set theory A+


Applying to Where:


princeton(dream school)


Also do you guys know any other safety schools? Like any good state universities




I know international students have higher admission standards, and i don't have particular research experiences. Does this affect any chances?




Any other advice is welcome :D 

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Nice GRE subject score.

However, without publications, international competitions, or recommendations from well-known professors (which may be hard given your international background), you will most likely be out of the running for the top schools (Princeton, Harvard, NYU etc.). Math PhD pool is very, very deep.


Of course, you can still apply to them, but I would set your sights a little lower. University of Washington may be in the ballpark for you--have a friend with similar stats who went there.

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