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footnotes in a SOP? yes or no?

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I'm relaying a sensitive story in my SOP about people I used to work with at a shelter. I have changed their names but I'm not sure how to show that I have done so (or if its even important to point out) to the readers. I thought about including a footnote, but it seems strange to include a footnote in a SOP. any suggestions?? 

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No, don't do it.


If you're worried about ethics, there's almost no chance the people reading your SOP will know who these people are or take any action if they somehow figured it out. They wouldn't be compelled to do so.


Just use the names you see fit and move on.


Though as for your SOP I'm really curious as to justification for such a story? The word limits are strict and the space is very valuable. Is this worth it..?

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I wonder if I know you. I'd change the names and include a parenthetical.


As someone else who has worked in shelters, I'd consider it as unethical to use real names. Some shelters have special provisions about this in their rules for staff and volunteers.

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