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sending a new gre score after deadline? (sent old scores already)


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one of the schools i'm very interested in had jan 2 deadline (and another earlier in december). i sent the gre score that i just got, but am wondering if I can update my gre score (take the gre again on jan 22) in early feb (since app review's likely to be in progress still then)  



any idea if ad coms would consider new/updated gre scores? I can contact the schools and find out, but just wondering how ad coms approach this in general... 


my gre score wasn't bad -  v163 m 168 w 4. think I can do better on verbal but positive writing score wont really improve.  just have a horrible undergrad gpa, so trying to make up for that. thanks guys 


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The 163/168/4 should be more than enough. This is especially true if you have a strong statement of purpose (SOP) and letters of rec (LOR) to accompany your application. Additionally, if your prospective schools ask for writing samples, you can demonstrate your ability there. I do not see any harm in contacting departments, but I don't believe it's a necessity for you. It is possible that they will say submitting new scores will put others at a disadvantage, while on the other hand they may look positively upon any improvements you make. Honestly though, it will be difficult to improve from your initial score unless you up the verbal some and give the AWA a harder push... not worth the cost in my mind (but that's me!). 

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