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A situation arose with one of my recommendation writers - short story shorter, they apparently had a "mental breakdown" around Thanksgiving, sold all of their stuff and moved to Iceland. The department already knew ahead of time that he was going to Iceland for the holidays and that he would be somewhat unreachable as he traveled around, but that he'd check-in from time to time.


I emailed him before Thanksgiving to confirm that he had received the proper emails in order to write the recommendations, he confirmed and said he'd have them submitted by the end of the first week of December. That time came and went, nothing. I touched base with him again, he apologized and said he'd have them in by the 11th. Again, nothing. On the 13th, the Department Chair asked me to come by and see him and he shared an email with me that the professor in question sent him. In short, the professor was resigning immediately and that the holiday trip was merely a ruse, has he had already sold his home and belongings and would not be returning. I was called into the office because the email, sent to the Chair, asked him to apologize to me and to let me know that he would not be writing my recommendation, nor any of the others he had promised to do.


Fortunately I was wrapping up my Senior Seminar with the Chair and he asked that I let him step in and write the recommendation, which I agreed to.


Now if I could just get Union to return a phone call or email to confirm that they received my message about changing recommendation writers.

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