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I know someone where I am applying

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In my opinion, you should not mention this at all in your application. No department wants to be accused of admitting family members of current employees.


If your cousin does not work in a research related role in the same department that you are applying to, then your connection to your cousin is not useful/relevant at all. Same if your cousin has no information about your ability as a researcher/graduate student. If your cousin is research staff/faculty in the department you are applying to, and your cousin knows about your ability as a researcher in some way, then the best case scenario is if the profs on the committee ask around about you / pass your profile around, then your cousin can put in a good word.


But at this point, it doesn't matter that this person is your cousin anymore. The real benefit comes from the fact that someone close to the department knows about your research ability. This same benefit can be realised if you had collaborated with someone at the school before etc. 


So, ultimately, the fact that your cousin is also at the same school will provide zero benefits. What matters is whether or not there is someone in the department who can give a fair and positive endorsement of your talent.

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