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UT Austin 2014?


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Hey Spreadpeace88!


I've applied to the CUSPA Masters program at UT.  Hoping to hear some good news soon from them.  Checked today and the status for my application is "in review".


What program are you applying for there?

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Hey all,


I'm also an applicant to UT's Special Education department, in the PhD Program.  I have not heard anything back either, other than seeing the "In Review" listing on my Application Status page. 


Congrats, Ciarrai300, on your acceptance to the Master's program! 


And good luck to everyone else!  What concentration did you list your interest in?

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Hi Guys! Glad I'm not the only one out there. I applied for a Masters in the Curriculum and Instruction department, focusing on Early Childhood. The deadline for that program was Dec. 15th and my application was completed that day. 


My status has said "In Review" since the day after I submitted it. Looks like last year the C&I folks heard around mid-Feb so I'm hoping it will be around then this year too. 


Lately I've transitioned from the confidence high I had after submitting all my stuff to now feeling doubtful. I think my SOP was strong, and my GPA and test scores are far above their averages for accepted students. But my undergrad was not education related (though I feel I use my degree in my teaching a lot) and I only have 2.5 years of education-related experience.

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Today I got a notification from my undergrad that my transcript was opened at UT (when I got my digital transcript I signed up to be able to track when it is opened), and when I logged on to my MY STATUS page it used to say "Attention: Your application for admission is in review"....it now says:


"Your file has been forwarded to the Graduate Committee for review"


Progress people, progress. 

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Good luck to all of you! I had always wanted to apply at UT, as many of my professors in my master's program had earned doctorates there; this was so much the case that the College of Education at this school was referred to as "UT West." Just when I was ready to apply they dropped their Curriculum Studies specialization, so I never applied.

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I would say your profile looks excellent aside from it being past the priority deadline. The average GRE score for incoming PhDs is 159v/152q so you're well above that with an excellent undergrad record.  I would also think your experience would be interesting to them.  My background is somewhat similar with 3 years teaching in public schools and 2 years developing inclusive education in Kazakhstan.


If I were you I'd contact the department and explain that you're aware that the priority deadline has passed but you're still interested in applying for the PhD program and see what they say. They'll have a good idea of how many spots are left and will be able to let you know if it is worth it to apply.  This will also solve your no contact with the department problem.


As for what is required here's the link with that info:



It is all pretty standard.

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I applied to the PhD concentration of Autism/Developmental Disabilities, but I don't foresee too many differences in expectations between admission committees in each concentration.  


You have an excellent and very rigorous academic profile.  I think you would be a potentially competitive candidate for admission.  On my side, I have more of a research background (research assistant on a special education grant, independent research: one article in process, one presentation), but I do not have any teaching experience.  


My SOP was based on my background in working in the autism field, being a Master of Social Work student for the past two years, and how these experiences have shaped my research interest/focus.  I would highly suggest writing about teaching and the development of inclusive curriculum in Kazakhstan; these experiences would help you stand out as an applicant and depending on your career/research interests will be relevant.  


But of course, get in touch with the department first!  I'm not sure how far along the admissions committee is, but you never know.  I submitted my application in the beginning of January, past the priority deadline, and within the next couple of weeks I read my application had been 'submitted to the Graduate Committee for Review'.  

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