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HUGE mistake while applying - I am screwed?


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I just found out that I sent my application to the wrong department at one of my schools. Some MA in Social Science Program. I met the deadline but only got notified about the error and my information is being transferred. But I am way past the deadline now, and suspect ad-comm has already met and made some decisions.


What do you guys think? :(

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It definitely isn't going to help, but it also might not have any impact.  Depends on when the deadline was and how long it has been past.  I can't say it speaks highly to your attention to detail which is probably the biggest issue at this point.  Who discovered the problem?  You or the school/incorrect department?

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I don't think you should say goodbye based on this. It's definitely not ideal.


If apps were due in mid-January, the department may have met...but maybe not.


Most programs allow a week or two for items to roll in (GRE, LoRs) so you MAY be okay.


I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.

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The incorrect department did, unfortunately. Deadline was mid-Jan.


I guess I can say goodbye to this program now. :(

i don't think your chances are 100% done.  I was just being realistic that it might not bode well but it also could just as easily have little or no impact.  It isn't that long ago that the deadline was and so that helps you.  

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