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How can you find out the post-interview acceptance rate?

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The best way is the most direct way: ask the university. If you do get invited to an interview, it's a fair question (how many people are you interviewing, how many do you plan to offer admissions to? or - how was it in previous years, if this year is still unclear). Alternatively, if you know current students there or feel comfortable contacting any of them and asking, they will probably have some idea. Otherwise, searching the results page here might give you some idea, but depending on your field/school it may be difficult to extrapolate numbers or chances from the reported data.

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Depends a lot. 


Mine is close to 100%- they want to accept anyone they invite, they just want to check them out in person, first. So you might get dropped based on interview performance, but not otherwise. 


It used to be they simply accepted everyone at the interview, but just didn't offer funding to those that really bombed out, but then we had people trying to take out loans to attend, and so the process changed. 


And by bomb the interview, I mean tell all the grad students and half the faculty that you meet that you're smarter than all of them, and working here would be beneath you. Or saying you don't really have any areas of interest other than "science", but you figured our city would be a cool place to come. 

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And those are the people who got interviewed/accepted.. and yet my theory that most applications/applicants are just plain BAD/AWFUL is soooooo wrong *eye roll*.


Reality, I wish more people lived in it.

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