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Ethnic Studies, Migration, & Multiculturalism

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Has anybody done or is considering a degree in this sort of field? My research as an undergraduate greatly focuses on this area and I'm interested in expanding my knowledge with a Master's before law school. I've found all sorts of programs that seem to have a link to this sort of field but no graduates who've done it. It also seems to be a majority European field of study and degree.

Examples -

MPhil in Ethnic and Racial Studies - Trinity College, Dublin

MPhil in Migration Studies or Forced Migration - Oxford University

Masters in Migration, Ethnic Relations and Multiculturalism - Utrecht University, the Netherlands

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Hi BMCGirl10,

I am not sure if you check this out. There is something which I should say since I am also eager to study this kind of topics. I am aiming to get my MA degree in Turkey, and then join a PhD program in the US.

Anyway, the idea of broadening your knowledge of the field through an MA makes sense. This is what I am doing. Currently, I am writing my thesis which focuses on racist movements in Turkey. And yes, that migration and racism are related issues is definetely true. Examples you gave are probably good places to study Ethnic Studies. I decided to stay here and do a Cultural Studies MA. And next year, I will be pursuing a second Masters degree in one-year Nationalism Studies program at CEU (Central European University, Hungary) Check it out too! Another program is "History of Nationalism" at London School of Economics, UK. One thing to keep in mind is that I received a financil aid package including free housing, tuition fee and monthly stipend from CEU. The University gives this scholarship to its almost all students. In addition, it can be considered as an American institution founded by Soros. Most of its students go to the US for PhD every year. -this is what i am planning to do. Take it into consideration!

Good luck!

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I'm interested in similar programs. I had started out this process thinking I was mostly interested in studying issues of migration and race through policy, and thus most of my applications are to MA programs in public policy and public affairs programs. However, along the way I came across a few cultural geography programs that sparked my interest, including the program at Maxwell Syracuse: http://www1.maxwell.syr.edu/geo.aspx?id=887. You might check out this and other political or cultural geography programs, as a lot of the Ph.D. students do their research in migration and asylum issues.

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There is a new centre for Diapora and Transnational Studies at the University of Toronto that offers collaborative programs with a whole array of departments. You should check them out.

Thanks for the info all!

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What is your motivation for Universiteit Utrecht? I'm not saying it's a bad university, but I wouldn't compare it to Oxford or Trinity. I also think it is definitely NOT worth it to pay the €9000-12000 tuition fees at Utrecht for overseas students, especially because you'd just do a 1 year MA before starting law school. I have to say that I don't know the program in Utrecht, but I don't think it means a lot in the US. Did you consider a comparable masters in Sweden? I know you have Developmental Studies at Uppsala University and Migration and Ethnic relations in Malmo. In Sweden they don't charge tuition fees, so studying there will be for free.

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I did the M.A. program in Immigration and Settlement Studies at Ryerson University (in Toronto) in 2006 and it was excellent. They're just getting a PhD program up and running there as well. Alternately, for those in Toronto, there's an Ethnic and Pluralism Studies program at the University of Toronto, which you can take classes in - it isn't a whole degree program, though.

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