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  1. NorthernStar

    PhD Tuition

    Mudlark: not at U of T. This year tuition + incidental fees were over 7500 and expected to grow next year. This amount is taken out of my fellowship, which leaves me with 15000.
  2. NorthernStar

    SSHRC 2010

    Congratulation, mudlark! excellent news!
  3. NorthernStar

    SSHRC 2010

    Hey Torontonians, Still up for drinks, now that everyone got their letters? Thursday at 4p is still fine for me, but I do have to be elsewhere in the evening.
  4. I got my letter today. Strange, they still ask you to specify how much SSHRC is awarding you - which is weird, because it's a moot point. I can't hold both, unfortunately. I am declining in history, sweet. (sorry, couldn't help myself. Metukah means sweet in Hebrew)
  5. Has anyone received a letter from OGS? I understand you need to notify them of acceptence or decline by signing their form. I'm going to make someone happy and decline mine.
  6. NorthernStar

    SSHRC 2010

    me too. Anyone has objections or can't come at that time?
  7. NorthernStar

    SSHRC 2010

    No, I'm absolutely open to suggestions. Please everyone, propose another time.
  8. NorthernStar

    SSHRC 2010

    How about Friday @ Victory then?
  9. NorthernStar

    SSHRC 2010

    Do you guys prefer week day or weekend? afternoon or evening?
  10. NorthernStar

    SSHRC 2010

    If that's alright with everyone else - than I'm in! like I said, beer is not a factor with me.
  11. NorthernStar

    SSHRC 2010

    Do you know Harbord House (obviously on Harbord st., close to campus)? I don't know if they serve Guinness (I don't drink beer - I know, blesphemer!) but it's a nice place to hang out and reasonably central.
  12. NorthernStar

    SSHRC 2010

    Thanks for the info. I will probably be around campus on Tuesday (summer TAship. Need to make money to pay rent) and I'll do it then. Has everyone in Toronto got their letters yet, speaking of drinks?
  13. NorthernStar

    SSHRC 2010

    To answer Hypatia's questions: 1. Funded, regular SSHRC ; 19.20 out of 30, 2. Toronto 3. Letter received May 7; Letter postmarked: May 5; Letter dated: May 3 (they kept it around their office for two whole days!) 4. Subject area and/or committee: I'm not sure I remember. It might have been history. Is that helpful? 5. Applied through my university 6. Year in PhD studies when you would take up the award: 3 7. Taylor, Ross, or Queen's Fellowship?? no idea. 8. Anything else you want to include that might be helpful: business-related project pitch? no. publications? one article accepted. major conference presentations? yes. One at the time of application. second time applying? yes, but last time I didn't pass the dept stage. Also awarded OGS but will decline (when the letter finally comes).
  14. NorthernStar

    SSHRC 2010

    Finally got my letter. Score: 19.20 / 30 They also say I must notify the council whether I wish to accept - which can be done by email. However, they also mention I should also notify SGS - how do I do that? also by email? to whom? Are there any forms to sign in order to activate the award? I don't see any forms in the envelope? And Canuck - (almost) congrats. VERY good news. When everyone in TO receive their letters, we can set time and place for drinks.
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