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Decisions in batches?


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Hello. Just have a quick question regarding decision notifications.

If a school says it would send admission decisions in several batches, does it mean that those people not included in the first batch would have much lower chance for admissions?

It seems like some people already got acceptancces according to "results" page, and I did not get one. :(

Also it appears that people who did not get notifications in the first batch usually get rejected according to "results" and few forum threads related to this program.

I honestly do not know whether this program, probably composed of just thirty or fourty students, would roll out decisions in batches at all. Wouldn it be easier for schools to roll out decisions all at once?

Anyway, another sad day just waiting..ugh :(

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really depends on school and program. some send out people they are putting up for fellowships first...then other assistantships...and then unfunded applicants (if they have each of these things)...super school dependent though...I always say it ain't over til it's over and I get my answer!

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