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Low GPA, 0 experience .. what can I do?


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I'm in my final semester of a 4-year specialized honors program in System Analysis and Design. My overall GPA is just 70% -- my last 2 years gpa is the same. According to the grading system we have here in Ontario, Canada it's equivalent to B/B- ( definitely not a B+).


I'm an international student FYI. My IELTS score is 7/9 ( in most case though, I don't need to show IELTS score if my Bachelor degree was completed in a Canadian University). 


I'm really thinking of pursuing a master degree but with this low gpa and no prior experience (not even training), I doubt Universities would even look at my application :(  


tried to manage a good GPA and that's the best I've come up with! Even If I got ((A's)) in all my current courses, this will NOT raise my GPA level to more than B-



Do you guys know any school in North America that would really consider my application?



My main interests in the Information Technology, Software Engineering and Health Informatics areas.



* One plus I have, is that I will be granted a full tuition/research fees scholarship from a government agency (from my original country), as soon as I provide a proof of Grad letter of acceptance. 



Any suggestions please?

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Getting research experience will help your application. Did you discuss possible research projects\interests with faculty in your institution?



That's a good idea.  Thank you compiler_guy!


I've already done some group projects in couple 4th year level courses (part of a course).

However, I don't have a solid individual project  or lab experience with a professor. More importantly, in order to secure the full tuition scholarship from the government agency, the offer of acceptance has to be within Fall 2014 only, or Winter (spring) 2015 at most. Otherwise, I'll lose the scholarship opportunity.


I can't handle living expense and tuition fees on my own, impossible :(

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