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Odd Acceptance Notifications


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So the last acceptance I received was very unlike the first few. The first four, I received a personal email or phone call with details about the assistantship, and in two cases, it was chased with warm, welcoming emails from faculty/students in the program and invitations to visit with various levels of funding.


The last one, however, was weird. I knew I was accepted because I received a packet in the mail with details about housing/meal plans early last week. That was followed by a generic snailmail with information about how to activate my email/register for classes. It sounds as if they just take for granted that I will be attending, and I haven't yet heard a whisper from the department, despite the fact that I contacted a POI early in the application process and have met him in other professional contexts. Has anyone else had an experience like this?

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I'd wait for the official offer of admission like your other programs have done. One school I applied to sent me housing info via email, and another activated my email account shortly after I finished uploading my application, and at that time both had not made a decision, so it happens, I think!

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